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Why Learn Myofunctional Orthodontics?

With advances in research, and years of combined clinical experience, dentists are now at the forefront of treatment of a number of disorders of facial growth including sleep disordered breathing, and malocclusion. Thanks to the many pioneers that have come before us, the modern dentist is now free to lead the way in contemporary preventive medicine. A career in dentistry can now be one of the most rewarding careers of our time. Improved facial growth and muscle function leads to better sleep. Research is now clear that great sleep is essential for a thriving, and healthy child. Straighter teeth are a happy bonus from improved function.

Why The Myofocus Orthodontic System?

The Myofocus Orthodontic System is a unique combination of all of the best bits from a number of systems, philosophies and appliances. We do not sell appliances and so have no allegiance to doing things one way or the other. We have drawn upon many years of combined experience of treating malocclusion in growing children. We have learned from a variety of settings, including small and large general practices; as well as purpose built Pre-Orthodontic Myobrace Centres.

We have used all of the popular systems and know what works well – and that’s our focus. The addition of techniques and concepts to improve compliance is the icing on the cake. The result is better function and superior results.

What Is The Myofocus Orthodontic System?

The Myofocus Orthodontic System combines the best from all of the major myofunctional techniques and appliances, including MyoMunchee, Myobrace, and Oral Myofunctional Therapy. Furthermore, it uses philosophies and treatments from Biobloc Orthotropics and Functional Jaw Orthopaedics to deliver a complete appliance system, for the growing child.

The application of breathing techniques used by elite athletes to improve nasal airflow, as well as nutritional science to reduce inflammation assists with appliance use; and the incorporation of manual therapy to assist with cranial strains, and calisthenic exercises to improve core strength leads to improved posture and superior results.

What is included in Advanced Part 1

  • Difficult cases
  • Avoiding pitfalls and how to get out of trouble
  • Which cases to treat and which ones to avoid
  • Leadership – what is it and why you need it in your practice. Becoming a better leader for you, your team and your patients
  • Compliance and behavioural psychology. How to achieve compliance and what to do when you cannot achieve it
  • Suitable for dental teams only

There is an exam as part of each course. We will find out whether we have successfully taught you our system and in the event you don’t pass we will coach you on the areas needed.

What Do You Get?

  • Great quality HD filmed lectures.
  • CPD Certificate.
  • Post Course Forum (with this package only).
  • Myofocus (TM) Intellectual property documents to assist with clinical implementation.
  • PDFs of lecture slides to download .

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We recommend you follow the flow of this series of courses.
1) Foundation Part 1
2) Foundation Part 2
3) Advanced Part 1
4) Advanced Part 2

We do not recommend purchasing any parts without booking the prior modules.
Eg: don’t book Advanced Courses without booking Foundation ones

Your Instructors

Dr Dan Hanson

Dr Donny Mandrawa

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