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Learn Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) from 2 of Australia’s most experienced OMT dentists online from the comfort of your own home or office.




  • Why OMT is essential for orthodontics, as well as sleep disordered breathing, posture and overall wellbeing
  • How to perform OMT effectively
  • Over 50 OMT exercises to use on your patients, filmed in HD
  • The unique ‘Take Off’ Algorithm System to generate a pre-written OMT plan


  • Over 170 pre-written OMT prescriptions to match your patient’s dysfunction
  • A comprehensive workbook to go with the course
  • A PDF of lecture slides
  • Research papers and patient assessment forms
  • Professional development certificate after passing the post-course quiz


  • 15 modules, each between 20 and 35 minutes long
  • 10 hours Professional Development
  • Learning online and stream on demand as often as you like


Free Take Off into Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Course Taster Video


More Details

The lecturers and creators of Take Off Algorithms OMT

Dr Dan Hanson and Dr Donny Mandrawa have a combined experience of using Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) of over 20 years. Not only have they learned the theory and practical aspects from the best OMT educators in the business. They have both successfully incorporated OMT into busy dental practices and know how hard it can be to make it work.

What they bring to the world of OMT education is direct experience of introducing successful OMT programs to no less than 7 practices between them. They know what works and what does not. With their “Take Off’ program they have created a method which is easy to follow and highly effective.

The learning experience and objectives

Equally valuable for both beginners as well as experts of OMT. You will learn over 50 different exercises and more importantly you will be coached on when to use each exercise while still keeping every OMT treatment plan bespoke for each patient. No patient is the same, and no ideal OMT plan is the same either. Therefore, you will learn how to tailor the plan according to clinical need.

Educational tools will include live demonstrations, videography and their unique ‘Take Off’ Algorithms which tell the user which exercises to use according to the specific overall muscular dysfunction of the patient at that moment in time. ‘Take Off’ Algorithms enable the practitioner to key in a specific code for the dysfunction and generate an appropriate treatment plan – so you will go away from this course with pre-made treatment plans which are written according to the patient’s specific treatment need.

The Algorithm System Broken Down

  • Diagnose dysfunction
  • Create your algorithm code
  • Generate your plan
  • Begin OMT
  • Review progress
  • Reassess dysfunction
  • Create a new algorithm code as the dysfunction changes
  • Generate a new plan
  • Continue OMT

Effective and Efficient

You will be provided with over 170 pre-written prescriptions which correspond to the patient’s dysfunction Algorithm.

The hard work is done for you, once you know how to diagnose the dysfunction to generate the code.

All you then need to do is effectively show your OMT patient the exercises and be able to review their progress and change the prescription as needed…. All of which you will learn on this course.


Bonus Forum Included

Participation in this course includes 1 month access to the forum for the month of November, where you will be able to get all your questions answered by the instructors.


Your Instructors

Dr Dan Hanson

Dr Dan Hanson is a dentist (BDS) and Buteyko breathing educator (MBIBH) who since 2011 has limited his practice to early interceptive treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, breathing dysfunction and malocclusion.

Since 2014 his focus has been laser frenectomy procedures to help infants and toddlers to sleep, breathe, feed and grow properly through correction of oral function. His treatments in his various locations include correction of tongue and lip restrictions for all ages including children and adults, as well as myofunctional pre-orthodontics.

Working in a team with a collaborative approach to maximise health gains is a key feature of his philosophy of care.

Dr Dan has lectured to professional audiences on a regular basis since 2012, with locations including London, Lyon, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Auckland.  His topics include Tongue Tie as well as craniofacial growth and development.

Practicing from a variety of clinics including Gold Coast (Holistic Dental Care), Melbourne (Myofocus), and Brisbane (Enhance Dentistry), his mission is to make these vital treatments accessible to as many people as possible. To help with this goal he lectures alongside Dr Donny Mandrawa in Myofocus, of which he is co-founder. Dan is also co-founder of The Tongue Tie Institute with Dr Marjan Jones – an educational organisation focussed on sharing valuable information about an inter-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and management of oral restrictions.

Outside of his career as a dentist and breathing educator, Dr Dan has a passion for self-awareness and is involved in ‘Men’s Work’. As a co-facilitator of men’s groups on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, he enjoys running workshops to help people connect and grow emotionally.

He has been married to Rachel since 2007 and enjoys spending time in nature, including kite-surfing, mountain biking and hiking.

Dr Donny Mandrawa

Dr. Donny Mandrawa graduated from the School of Dental Science at the University of Melbourne in 1998. As part of his final year of undergraduate school, he also completed a stint of his studies at the University of Minnesota, USA, in the field of Paediatric Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

His first exposure to Orofacial Myofunctional Orthodontics was in 2001, when he prescribed his first myofunctional appliance to his paediatric patient. In that same year, he completed the full program of the Clinical Foundation of Orthopedics Orthodontics with Dr. Skip Truitt. He began to gain much better understanding of the wholistic approach to functional health after completing courses in Chirodontics with Dr. Robert Walker in 2003. In 2005, he graduated from the Orthodontic Mini Residency of Dr. Derek Mahony. He pursued further education in craniofacial and temporomandibular pain and dysfunctions from Dr. Steven Olmos, completing his Mini Residency in 2008.

Dr. Donny delved deeper into the connection between oral developmental health and the rest of the body. He attended Dr. John Mew’s lecture in Orthotropics, and also completed the Buteyko Breathing for Health Practitioner course in 2011. In 2014, he received his Fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, where he accepted this accolade at their world symposium in Tokyo, Japan. That same year, he lectured to 150 dentists at the University of Airlangga in Surabaya, Indonesia, on the field of Myofunctional Orthodontics. In 2015, he completed the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain program in Dental Sleep Medicine in San Diego, USA. He was also at the inaugural courses of the Tongue Tie Institute in 2016, as well as successfully obtaining his Dental Laser Safety Officer certificate from the Laser Institute.

Since he became a dentist, Dr. Donny has been priviledged to have many wonderful mentors professionally, such as the experts mentioned above, as well as Dr. Chris Farrell (Myofunctional Research Company), Mrs. Sandra Coulson (Coulson Institute), Dr. Marjan Jones, and even Dr. Dan Hanson himself (the Tongue Tie Institute). For approximately 15 years, from 2001, he also had the honour of being mentored by Mrs. Sandy Roth, who taught him a wealth of knowledge in human behaviour and authentic communication.

After being able to continuously join the dots over years of education and practicing, he came to a realization that his deep passion lies within early prevention functional oral health. With two girls of his own, he focused his practice philosophies toward assisting the growing children in optimizing their overall functional health by collaborating with a network of multi-disciplinary health professionals, including Neurodevelopmental Paediatric Manual Therapists, Ear Nose Throat Specialists, Lactation Consultants, Breathing Educators, and Sleep Language Pathologists among others.

Having co-founded and established two previous dental clinics in the past, in 2017, he and Dr. Dan formed Myofocus, with its first flagship clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Besides looking after patients, 90% of whom are now children, for their Oral Restrictions and Orofacial Myofunctional Pre-orthodontic and Orthodontic needs, Dr. Donny is now also active in educating dentists and their teams, as well as health practitioners from various disciplines, on Orofacial Myofunctional Pre-orthodontics. He was a member of the expert panel at the first symposium of the International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals in Toronto, Canada, in 2018. Other locations that he has presented to include Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Tokyo, Nagoya, Tokoname and Dallas.

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