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How long is my online course available for?
Courses run for 8 weeks. For the final 4 weeks of this period there is a post course forum where the lecturer is able to answer your questions.

NB: We advise that you access the course when the 8 week period starts to get the full value, and so you are not rushing your learning. Eg: if you don’t access a course until week 7 you will only have 1 week to watch the course and enjoy the forum.

At MyoCPD we are all about convenient learning so we strongly recommend taking your time by purchasing the course before or at the start of the 8 week period

Why are online courses only available for 8 weeks (max)?

It is our experience that much of the learning comes after the course, in the post-course forum. During the month after most of the courses the lecturer will be available to answer questions in the forum, and your fellow course delegates will also be there to discuss insights. Our presenters cannot be available forever though! They’ve got to go back to their clinics or write more lectures for us to tune into. So the courses are available for the month during which they are launched (and the following month in most cases). That way they are still accessible during the month long Forum (usually the second month).

How much does each course cost?

This varies according to the course. Some courses come in discount packs with many modules available. These can be purchased as a package. Please see the relevant courses for specific cost information.

What if I run out of time?

We allow 8 weeks to watch courses providing you purchase before the course begins or at the start. We will advertise the courses well in advance so you should have plenty of time. Please do not download the courses if you don’t think you will have time to watch all of the content. Some courses may not run more than once, so we do not arrange an extra viewing period in the event you do not watch all of the material.

Can I watch the course more than once?

Absolutely! Providing the course is still available you can watch it as many times as you want. Many of us learn by repetition so we actively encourage multiple viewings.

Will there be handouts?

Courses do not come with handouts but you are free to watch the course as often as you wish during the 8 weeks of its duration, so you can always go back to previous slides for reference.

Will there be a receipt of purchase?

Yes. When you check out at the point of purchase you will be emailed a receipt to prove your purchase.

What level of CPD accreditation is provided?

The extent of accreditation will vary from speaker to speaker and from course to course. However, we will do our best to explain what will be provided in each course description.

If more than one person views the course can the additional people receive CPD accreditation points too?

Each purchase is only for one person to view the material. Most courses are subject to copyright and remain the Intellectual Property of the individual presenter. Please do not share the course with any other people.

Am I permitted to download the courses?

Courses cannot be downloaded. You can access the course as often as you like during the time it is available though.

Do I need any special software or technology to watch the course?

The majority of computers are already equipped with basic viewing software such as Adobe Flash Player 13.0 and above. You can download this at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.

We also recommend a minimum internet connection speed: at least 56.6kbps is recommended. Speakers or a headset are required for audio listening purposes.

The following tips may also be helpful to improve your experience:

  • turn off other applications which may be using your internet connection such as Skype or Netflix
  • If you experience issues with your browser, kindly try other common browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox. We do not recommend Internet Explorer as certain features may not render correctly on certain versions of Internet Explorer browsers.
Can I use a smart phone or tablet to view the courses?


Who can I contact if I‘m having trouble viewing the courses?

Please click here to contact one of our team. We will do our best to assist you. However, we are not responsible for issues such as poor internet connection, or technology hardware or software issues.