Enrolment starts 1st January 2020 with course commencement February 1st 2020 – Stream on demand for 8 weeks


This Course Includes All 4 of the Individual Mini Residency Courses

  • Foundation Part 1 (value $950)
  • Foundation Part 2 (value $1250)
  • Advanced Part 1 (value $1250)
  • Advanced Part 2 (value $950)

What Do You Get?

  • Great quality HD filmed lectures.
  • CPD Certificate.
  • Post Course Forum (with this package only).
  • Myofocus (TM) Intellectual property documents to assist with clinical implementation.
  • PDFs of lecture slides to download .

What is included in Foundation Part 1

  • The causes and diagnosis of malocclusion and soft tissue dysfunction.
  • An overview of the Myofocus System – combining the MyoMunchee and Myobrace. Plus Bent Wire System, Biobloc and Reverse Pull.
  • Oral Myofunctional Therapy at Myofocus. An Introduction to the ‘Take Off’ Program.
  • Suitable for dental teams as well as allied health professionals such as Speech and Language Pathologists, Oral Myofunctional Therapists and Manual Therapists.

What is included in Foundation Part 2

  • Treatment Planning
  • Detailed appliance sequencing and use
  • When and how to use the following appliances:
    • MyoMunchee
    • Myobrace
    • Biobloc 1
    • The Bent Wire System
    • 3D appliance
    • Reverse Pull Headgear
    • Myolay
  • Suitable for dental teams only

What is included in Advanced Part 1

  • Difficult cases
  • Avoiding pitfalls and how to get out of trouble
  • Which cases to treat and which ones to avoid
  • Leadership – what is it and why you need it in your practice. Becoming a better leader for you, your team and your patients
  • Compliance and behavioural psychology. How to achieve compliance and what to do when you cannot achieve it
  • Suitable for dental teams only

What is included in Advanced Part 2

  • Going from good to great by working with other health professionals. An inter-disciplinary approach to care.
  • Respiratory physiology and airways. Changing breathing habits effectively
  • The importance of sound nutrition and how to work with doctors and dieticians to reduce inflammation and congestion
  • Cranial aspects of malocclusion and how to work with paediatric manual therapists
  • A recap of the entire system
  • Suitable for dental teams only

There is an exam as part of each course. We will find out whether we have successfully taught you our system and in the event you don’t pass we will coach you on the areas needed.

Want More Info?

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Bonus Forum Included

Only available when purchasing all 4 courses (above) in this Special offer.

Participation in this course includes 1 month access to the forum for the month of March, where you will be able to get all your questions answered by the instructors.

(Forum is not available when purchasing the above 4 courses individually).

Your Instructors

Dr Dan Hanson

Dr Donny Mandrawa

Limited to 50 people

*Registration opens 1st January 2020 (AEDST – Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time)
*Course is available from 1 February 2020 until 1st April 2020 (AEST).
*All prices shown exclude GST (10%).
*All Prices are shown and paid for in Australian Dollars.
*Forum access March 2020